For Centres

Are you exhausted from having to work with RTOs that seem only interested in the quantity of graduates and use your ELC and staff to achieve this?

Work with an industry insider with a delivery model designed on quality of outcome for students and ELC’s alike, delivering levels of Trainer support needed to free your staff from this responsibility and achieve high-quality training to our future educators.

An “Insiders” Contemporary Delivery Model approach to educating your Staff

  • Long term Early Childhood Operators guiding training delivery
  • Overcoming the constant demand of ELC staff to train and retrain students in key practical skills
  • Recognising and delivery the support needs our students have for success

Work-place based learning and practical skills for students

  • Recognise many of the skills our Educators need are best learnt practically, not in a classroom
  • Guided by our Trainer the students gain depth of learning in “hands on” way
  • Learning in the “live” environment delivers greater consolidation of skills

No longer do your staff need to be primary support to the students

  • We embed our Trainers with your site
  • Our Trainer provides primary support to students on their Placement Day
  • No more need for endless signing off of workbooks by you or your team

On-site trainer with you

  • At least fortnightly, weekly depending quantity of students at your site
  • Our Trainer supports broader team skills with an eye to overall team development
  • Regular meetings with site leadership to consult on Centre-wide Professional Development

Students supported for success

  • Additional virtual classrooms available for students needing support beyond placement days
  • Students with challenging learning needs supported for success
  • Our Trainers partner with site Leadership to support students to succeed

More Tailored learning to the needs of your site, business expectations

  • Trainers work with site leadership to understand site Philosophy and focus
  • Specific learning modules focussed where possible to real site situations

WHy are we different?

Our approach to delivering our unique workplace based training as our primary delivery mode sets us apart from other RTO’s to deliver quality outcomes for students and their Services.

Leveraging our 15+ years background as an Approved Provider in the early childhood industry we have the insider perspective to target the greatest points of need for the profession.

This leads to a focus on quality of outcome for students, and in turn quality for their Services. Embedding our Trainers with our Partner Centres enables them to be in tune with needs specific to individual Services and support the wider Service Staff Professional Development Program.

Increased student numbers with a Service provides the additional critical benefit of growing their pool of relief staff at a time where industry staff shortages are at all-time highs.

Interested in becoming a partner centre?